Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Ten Things Tuesday, Tattoos

1. Tattoo barbie? I think I need her.
via pinterest

2. I'm totally diggin' this style.
via fuck yeah, tattoos!

3. How much more perfect could this get?
via fuck yeah, tattoos!

4. This sweet little narwhal.
via fuck yeah, tattoos! BY KIMBRA @ NINE LIVES, SEASIDE, OR.

5. Ashley Love is by far one of my favorite tattoo artists.
via tumblr

6. I would love to have a japanese inspired back piece one day. 

7. Not sure why, but I really love this piece. 
tattoo by Stuart Cripwell via

8. Oh my! I need a paco & copper tattoo! This frenchie one is too cute.
via Flickriver

9. Love this girl. 

10. and for those of you who think tattoos are too permanent, you should grab this stuff for the Silhouette! how awesome!
via Happy Together

**Unfortunately, due to websites that do not require you to credit photo sources such as tumblr, it is hard to give credit to these artists. If you know who the artist is of any of these tattoos that weren't fully credited, please contact me and I will give full credit.
Thank you.