Friday, December 16, 2011

Grumpy Gal

I've been in such an icky mood the past few days. The sweet baby Paco picture is for anyone else that's been grumpy lately, I know that picture always makes me smile - he was so little and silly!

I would like to randomly say that my dishwasher currently sounds like some type of ocean creature (I'm thinking octopus) making noises in my kitchen.

Everything is getting on my nerves. Mainly customers at work (who need to read my grocery store etiquette post!) and probably the fact that I had to train a new employee for two out of three days I worked. But I guess it's a part of the job. Oh well. At least I got to let her run the register while I just bagged for most of the 2nd day and she caught on quickly so that's always nice.

I just started my three day weekend and I've got a few things to keep me busy so that's nice. I'll be attending Noah and Leah's wedding on Saturday and going to my school orientation on Monday.

I've been at home for the past few days and so I'm soaking up the puppy love, my boys are too sweet. Paco did bum me out before work this morning though - after he went potty he went back upstairs...I thought he was up to no good (as he usually is) so I went to check on him and he had gotten back in the bed to go to sleep. I was totally jealous and wanted to snuggle with him since he was so cute all sleepy but, of course, had to go to work.

Hopefully when Gregory comes over after he gets off work I'll be less grumpy! I've not seen him much this week and I don't like it. Looking forward to a good weekend though! Plus I get to spend all day Sunday with him!