Sunday, December 18, 2011

Color Bug!

Introducing, Color Bug!!! I couldn't even wait for Ten Things Tuesday to come around for me to post about this stuff! I want one so bad! I love the idea of changing hair color so easily - I'll be at orientation tomorrow for cosmetology school, so you all know I love playing around with hair! This is like chalk for your hair. You just apply any type of product to your hair such as hairspray, dry shampoo, or wax & then you apply this on top of it. There is a video if you wanna see how it works. It's so vibrant and looks great! The only place I've really found to buy it is Ebay, this is for a color bug in orange (which is the color I want!) but it also comes in pink and purple. If any of you actually buy this before I do or have used it before, please let me know how much you love it!

1 comment:

  1. EEK! I saw this on Pinterest and really want one! Probably in purple. Show up pictures if you use it! :)