Wednesday, September 28, 2011


I feel like I'm always waiting on something to go wrong in relationships, which ultimately prevents anything good from possibly happening. Can relationships or "love", so to speak, last forever? I believe it's possible to settle and just be okay with staying with one person forever, but are we really satisfied throughout that entire lifetime? Is that what love is? 
I really want to believe that the feeling that you get in a new relationship can last. I love that feeling. The excitement, the happiness, the love. I have that right now. That new feeling. I want it to last but as all past relationships have proven, it's probably not going to. Maybe this one is different. It sure feels like it. I've never been an optimist, but maybe I should throw in the towel and side with those guys this time. I'm still too fearful to allow myself to be so vulnerable to disappointment but maybe I'll give it a try and become vulnerable.
For right now, I'm happy with what I have. Hopefully that will never change and one day I'll look back at this with that light bulb above my head and wonder why I ever thought love couldn't last.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Seeking Motivation

I feel stuck. Unmotivated. I have no desire to further my education at this point. It's rather disappointing, even to myself really. I felt SO good when I got my associates degree. I had finally completed something. I reached a goal. That was and still is a great feeling. I keep holding on to that feeling in hopes that it will boost me to want to finish and get my bachelors degree. I really do not think I would be content with life if I stopped now. If I don't, I know I'd regret it later. So here I am, trying to convince myself to muster up some motivation. Any motivational words are appreciated!

Other than that, things are going good. I'm happy. I really can't believe it's already almost October!

My latest muse is Pinterest. I can't get enough. Follow my boards so I can follow you back!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Five Faves on Friday!

1. These awesome vintage posters! Only $15!

2. - this website had me laughing forever yesterday. Enjoy.

3. ELF makeup. Everything I have is great and SO affordable. Target carries it!

4. Totally obsessed with Tervis tumblers. Find them at Bed Bath & Beyond!

5. I would love to do this...but I'm a chicken!

Friday, September 16, 2011

Photo Dump

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Five Faves on Friday!

1. This Up house! How fun!

2. New Girl starts on Tuesday! 

3. I love that I found this. I can now refer to it for color scheme ideas! 

4. I really want to make curtains like this for my kitchen!

5. This is much more practical than flowers. & I know lots of pregnant ladies right now!

Monday, September 12, 2011

School Days

I had planned on dropping all of my classes for this semester. Actually, I did drop every class that I had signed up for. Then I was informed that if that was done, I would have to reapply for spring semester. Which meant that I would have to pay another application fee, go to another orientation, pay more fees, and possibly lose my financial aid and grants. That didn't seem very appealing to me so I opted to take just one class.

Perspectives on Motherhood is the class that I'm enrolled in. I am enjoying it so much that I am really considering changing my minor to Womens Studies. The class is so broad and so intriguing that I am more than happy to drive to UNC-Charlotte once a week for class. It's a ton of reading but the articles are great and the books are very informative. I love having ideas and thoughts presented from different perspectives and my professor does a phenomenal job of doing so.

I wish I felt like I could handle more classes right now, but it was really overwhelming for the first week. So many new things have come into my life that I think it's better that I wait until next semester to attack school at full force, which will happen.

Sunday, September 11, 2011


On my way to class in Charlotte on Friday I was listening to the radio and, of course, being so close to that day that no one will ever forget, I listened to many countless stories about 9/11. I found it compelling that even though our country declares this as the worst attack on our soil, and that everyone is still hurting by this event - we are still fighting with other countries. We are bringing the same heartache to other families in other lands. Wouldn't you think that once so many of our people felt this pain and heartache for themselves, we would become peaceful and find other ways to resolve issues? Why is killing necessary or even thought of? Why are we only reminded of this and become a united nation just a select few days a year? When will we find peace with our neighbors? Probably never. You think experience would change us, forever. History has proven that to be wrong. Sadly.

What are your thoughts on 9/11?

Friday, September 9, 2011

One Month

It's been a month since I've posted. Lots has happened since then.

I'm now 24 years old.
I have moved into my own apartment.
I started school at UNC-Charlotte.
I've learned that I'm going to be an "Aunt Bee".
I bought a new car.
I got a job.

and not necessarily in that order.

Okay. Maybe it's not a ton of new stuff, but it's been pretty eventful for me. I didn't have internet at my new place until about a week ago, so that's my big excuse for being absent. That and I've veered a bit away from the social networking - but I think I'm back. I've been obsessively pinning on Pinterest and just recently made a Facebook invite for a "Yarn Night" - which, by the way, you should attend! It'll be a good time to hang out and work on some yarn projects. I am really looking forward to this and hope at least a few people attend. I really need to learn more about knitting since I'm still a beginner and this will give me at least one night a week to focus on that. Bring a friend and join us - everyone is welcome!

I'm going to have to downgrade Ten Things Tuesday to Five on Friday. I've got a lot going on right now and it's a huge adjustment for me - so hang on tight - and Ten Things Tuesday may be back eventually when I'm not so overwhelmed.

I've got a few posts layed out for the next few days so check back soon! I've missed you, little blog world!