Thursday, December 1, 2011

Perspectives on Motherhood

My UNC-Charlotte class, Perspectives on Motherhood, is coming to an end. My professor (who I often brag about) gave us our final exam questions the other day and I can't help but get excited to write the essays for them. There are six (?!) essays to write and only three will be turned in, the topics are fun to write about. I'll admit, I'd rather write a 10 page paper than take a 20 question test, that probably makes me a huge dork but I don't care. Let me just share a couple of the topics I have to write about, they're fairly easy especially after reading a ton of articles about motherhood for our class. Feel free to leave me a comment telling me what your opinion is on these! 

  • To father a child means to contribute the sperm that fertilizes an egg; to mother a child means to nurture & care for it. Obviously, women cannot father children; is it also true that men cannot mother them?
  • We spent a lot of time this semester critiquing the concept of the "good mother". Explain what this concept is, why it should be rejected, and why it does NOT mean that we should have no standards whatsoever for mother's actions. 

And this made me think of a blog post that I just read earlier today. I'm a huge supporter of natural and home birth and I couldn't have said what she said better. Head on over to Dear Baby and read Melissa's post on natural birth. It's about the 3rd post down, sorry, I couldn't figure out how to direct link it to the specific post since for some reason I'm not able to click the post myself.