Sunday, February 5, 2012

Monogamy Smomogamy

I just read that only 3-5% of mammals are monogamous. Pretty crazy, right? I was looking for inspiration for a future tattoo when I came across an article that made me question our actions as humans. Are we even meant to be with the same person forever? I know that it is obviously our tradition to do so, but is it natural? Maybe I'm just trying to make excuses and find reasoning for my disbelief in long-term commitments? Relationships just aren't working for me so I'm trying my best to be happy single and alone. Alone. That's a hard word to swallow.

For now I'll just live in my little dream world of traveling the world and being amazing at doing whatever the hell I want to because I have nobody to ask permission anymore. It's kinda nice feeling free but it gets a bit lonely sometimes.