Friday, July 29, 2011

Diy Chalkboard

I'm sure many of you have heard of chalkboard paint by now and probably thought of a million uses for it. I picked up these two boards from Ikea the other week when I was there for $3.99 each in the "as-is" section and thought they'd make cute, cheap, chalkboards! So I stopped by Lowes and picked up this chalkboard paint, which is a bit pricey...but it will last a long time since I only plan on using it for small projects. I would definitely suggest grabbing a can of this and making a few little chalkboard projects! The boards I made took two coats and need a few touch ups after taking off the painters tape - pretty quick and easy!

This is the back of the 1st board I made. 
You can pick up a picture hanger kit at Michaels or any hardware store.

The one below is the finished product for my parents kitchen, they wanted their chalkboard to hang vertically on the pantry door as a grocery list. 

Have you made anything using chalkboard paint? 
I'd love to hear other ideas for using it!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Ten Things Tuesday - Puppy Love

So instead of cramps I get migraines during my girl time of the month. I really don't consider that a fair trade. Anyway, that's why this is late, apologies!

1. You all probably know how obsessed I am with French Bulldogs - so I feel the need to see this one day soon. It's in NYC on Madison and 50th! 

2. Cute little cake for a kid's birthday. 

3. This quote.

4. This hilarious Kong toy. Paco totally needs one! 

5. Of course I would paint this but I love it in the natural wood color too.

6. No other option!

7. Frodo really needs one of these. He eats way too fast! Right now we're using a small mason jar and that seems to keep him from scarfing his food down so fast.

8. Paco needs this. He gets easily over headed and needs to stay hydrated so anytime we go somewhere I have to make sure he has water. This bowl would come in handy, even though he loves drinking out of a water bottle. 

9. Perfect for making your own dog treats!

10. I would buy these if I knew my boys wouldn't destroy them so quickly. Lovin' Martha Stewart's new line of dog stuff! 

Friday, July 22, 2011

Wig Crazy

Yep. That's a wig, my friends! 
So I ordered my very first wig a few weeks ago. I got inspired by Kaelah over at Little Chief Honeybee - who looks amazing in every single wig she has (and her own hair, too, of course) and so I couldn't wait to get my hands on one. Since it was only about $20, I decided that it would be worth the chance of me never actually wearing it in public and bought one from this seller on Ebay.

it was really bright outside for both of these photos, excuse the awkward facial expressions!

 Here is the link to the actual wig you'll see me wearing in these pictures. Everyone that has seen it on, in person, has said it looks so real. I love wearing it already and I'm more inspired to get my real hair that long! I can't wait to get another one - what color/style would you suggest for my next purchase?

Jamie and I at Texas Road House for dinner

I will admit - when wearing it in public, I feel like everyone just knows it's a wig and is staring at me. I highly doubt that's really what's going on and my mind is just playing tricks on me... but it's definitely hard to get used to wearing it & wearing it proudly! I've forced myself to wear it out in public twice now and it's not been too awful but I'm sure I'm driving everyone crazy by constantly asking if it looks okay or if I need to fix something.
Overall, I'm loving it!
I hope this inspires one of you to take a chance and try something silly/crazy like this!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Ten Things Tuesday - Ikea

Holy cow! How could I have forgotten it was Tuesday?! Oops. Since I'm moving into my apartment in the next couple of weeks I would share with you the top 10 things that I plan on picking up from IKEA later this week. These are all pretty self explanatory and come from the IKEA website!

4. Six for $1.49!

6. I plan on picking up about a yard of this fabric and framing it for behind my couch! 

8. Napkins!
9. I love love love wooden utensils! 
10. Lastly, I would love to have this couch...but for now -
it's a bit out of my price range!

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Healing and Relationships

Definitely one thing I need to do is re-start the process of healing. I should've never attempted to jump into a sort-of-serious relationship only a few months after what happened. In case you missed it, Matt and I separated back in January. I usually try to avoid getting too personal on this blog because I hate letting people in. I hate feeling vulnerable. This post is going to release a lot of my personal feelings and let you guys in quite a bit. Richard and I recently ended our relationship because of all the ramblings inside my head. Keep reading if you want more details.

Anyway, it's not that I regret the relationship I was in with Richard, I just wish things could've been different - because it could've been so lovely and he's such a great guy and really knows how to treat a girl. But don't we all wish some things could be different sometimes? This time I can't change those things - I can't change things I don't realize are going on, I really thought I was ready and had found what I wanted and needed. But along came a point where I had to realize that I wasn't ready, I couldn't handle a relationship yet, I needed more time to heal. I need more time with myself, to figure out who I am and to focus on my life and not worry about meeting anyone else's standards or needs. It's selfish. Very selfish. But I believe I'm at a point where I need it and I'm not going to apologize for it. If I don't feel that my heart is 100% on something, I can't do it. I can't force happiness on myself or anyone else.

Wondering what my most recent perspective on relationships is? Well, right now...I really don't believe in them. I have this huge fear of commitment and all I can focus on is how soon the end is near (of the relationship, not the world). I can't see myself ever spending "forever" with someone and I'm constantly wondering if the human population is even really meant to be monogamous - and if we're not, what the heck is the point? Almost every couple I know isn't truly 100% happy with their relationship. Working to make things right is one thing, but how many couples actually do and succeed at it? The divorce rate in today's society is so incredibly high that it makes me laugh at how easy it is to get married. Why are we conditioned to think that once we "grow up" we are supposed to get married and have children? Maybe that's not for everyone. I now know, it's not right for me. Everyone keeps joking around saying that I'll get married again one day, but I can honestly say with zero doubt in my mind that I will never unite in matrimony every again.

Right now I plan on focusing on school and being independent. I am moving into my own apartment at the beginning of August. I've applied at several jobs and now just keeping my fingers crossed for a few interviews. I feel so motivated to live that independent lifestyle again that I can hardly stand it - for once in a long time, I'm getting things done.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Ten Things Tuesday, The Letter R!

1. Red Velvet Shop. This website is so dreamy. 

2. Rabbits. Okay, they're really called Labbits - and you can find all different kinds on kidrobot.

3. Robot Candy Co. here in Charleston! Totally fun little store!

4. Rate My Professor. I'll definitely be using this again when choosing classes!

5. Rainbow Sandals. They've never failed me in my many years of owning them. Only downfall: they are usually the first shoe of choice for a dog to destroy. 

6. Red Flower Brooch from AVA Original on Etsy.

7. Raccoon Purse from Lovelia on Etsy. 

8. Recipes from my go-to website for finding great recipes. Easy to use & you can make shopping lists from everything you add to your "recipe box", definitely comes in handy!

9. Royal Blue. I'm currently obsessed with this color. Somehow it's wiggled it's way into my list of favorite colors - which is normally cluttered with pastels. I thought this little headband was adorable.

10. This monogrammed letter R from Jen Skelley on Etsy. Check out her other prints too. I love the Rowhouses one, I believe it was in one of my previous Ten Things Tuesdays.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Diy Earring Holder!

Remember this from my Ten Things Tuesday this week?
If you know where I can give credit to the original owner of this photo, please leave me a comment - 
when I tried to back to Pinterest it says the page is no longer there.

Well, I decided to make my own. Richard had bought a grater and washed it and it already began rusting so what better way to recycle it than this? Here is a mini tutorial on how I made mine! All supplies were purchased at Walmart. 

So go dig in your kitchen cabinet and find that grater that you never use and make this!

Kokusai Adventures

On my last little adventure in Okinawa down to Kokusai street with Katie, I took a few pictures. I forgot about these until I went to upload some pictures for a future post. So here ya go! Enjoy your little peek into one of the busiest streets of Okinawa.
Click the photos to get a closer look!

1. Beginning of Kokusai
2. Cute building
3. Tshirt shops everywhere
4 & 5. Habu Sake - a drink made with the habu snake usually left inside. #5 has two habu snakes inside.
6. Entrance of the place we ate lunch. It was pretty awesome and definitely delicious.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Ten Things Tuesday, Diy day!

3. Sweet Mobiles

4. Genius! Where would you buy the little legs from though? 

6. I'd love one of these as a brooch!

8. Cute idea for gift wrapping. 

9. I need to make one of these.

10. I still can't get over this dress
It was made from a skirt she found in her mother's closet! 
Totally jealous!