Monday, April 25, 2011

These Won't Kill a Moose

I saw some decorative arrows the other day while browsing online and now I can't seem to find the original post to link you back to where I got the idea from. Bummer. Anyway, I thought these would make a great addition to my room. I'm going to include a mini-tutorial on how to make them, so you can make your own. Believe me, it's super easy...I'm not sure a tutorial is even necessary - but I'm bored, so you're getting it anyway!

  • two (or more) wooden dowels
  • painters tape
  • paint colors of your choice & paint brush
  • scissors
  • paper (I used part of a brown paper bag)
  • feathers
  • thumb tacks or nails
  1. Cut a triangle shape out of your paper and tape it to the ends of the wooden dowels to make a point-like shape, like an arrow should have at the end. 
  2. Gather a few feathers and tape them to the other end of the dowels.
  3. Use your painters tape and cut it into strips and then place the strips on the dowel in whatever pattern you wish.
  4. Paint the open areas with the colors of your choice and then allow to dry.
  5. Remove the tape from the dowel (except the tape holding on the arrow and the feathers) and then paint the remaining areas. I painted mine in white to soften it up and match my room. Allow to dry.
  6. You're finished! I used two clear thumb tacks to hang mine up above my window.

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  1. Those are so cool!! Were you thinking of these arrows?