Friday, April 8, 2011

Newest Family Members

Okay, so they may not be able to hang out with the entire family...but sure are fun to watch. We definitely don't need any other cats or dogs running around here and I wanted something a little more low maintenance, but still just as cute. You all may remember one of Ten Things Tuesday lists, the one I had a cute little mouse on? Well, I finally got around to getting two little munchkins of my own & they are way too sweet. They are both females, one is an orange color and the other is brown. I've named the brown one Thistle but the orange baby still needs a name so feel free to leave suggestions! They're still a bit scared & shy but they will sniff my hand and do not really run from me anymore. Hopefully by the end of the week I can get them to let me hold them. I'm hoping to get some better pictures of them as soon as I'm able to hold them, until then - photo quality is gonna be crappy because they're so stinkin' quick!

Don't worry, no mice were harmed in this photo. Penelo & Yenko had to check out the ladies.

Here is Thistle and you can kinda see little orange baby running on the wheel...


  1. hmm i like matilda too! goes great w/ thistle as well!! both r cuties!