Saturday, April 23, 2011

Review of Samy Fat Foam Hair Color

I've been coloring my hair at home for years. Every so often I will go to the salon, but my home color just seems to stay longer and doesn't hurt my wallet as much. I've been eager to color my hair for a couple of weeks and when I came across this Fat Foam in Wal-mart the other day (sorry, I can't remember the exact price but I believe it was around $8), I just knew I had to try it. I have had auburn/red/brown hair forever and they had the perfect shade named "Deep Cherry Brown" that I wanted to try. 

This is what their Facebook fan page claims: 

"Non-drip whipped foam wraps each hair strand allowing even color from root to end
100% gray coverage
Easy and mistake proof, even for the first time user
What's inside: color powder, base solution, gloves, shampoo, conditioner, mixing shaker and instructions
One application covers shoulder-length hair"

So I got my supplies out and started the process... 
and then waited...and waited a little more...and this is what I ended up with!

  • Covered all of my hair! I am usually squeezing the very last of the color out of the tube of normal hair coloring kits to get every inch covered. This foam covered my entire head and I even had extra. 
  • You know how you get hair color on your skin? Well, with this somehow just rubs off. I say that's pretty amazing. No more breaking out the alcohol to scrub around my hairline! 
  • Achieved the color I wanted with even coverage
  • I loved that it came with shampoo! Most kits only provide conditioner and tell you to NOT shampoo right after coloring. I can't stand having to wait. The little extra scrubbing helps get all the color out. 
  • About the same price as other color products

  • They claim that it's a "no-drip" foam. I'd agree to a certain extent...but I still made the same mess as I have previously with liquid hair colors. If you only use a little bit at a time, you shouldn't have any issues.
  • I seemed to have more hair falling out than usual when I was rinsing. I have no clue if this has anything to do with the product - but I think it still needs to be noted. 

Overall, I give this stuff two thumbs up and will definitely be using it in the future!!!


  1. oooooh snap so glad you tried this, i've been wondering about this stuff! thank you, tester.

  2. looks great on you! i just used this today and i love it! though i used medium reddish brown. gooo fat foam (: