Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Left My Heart in Charleston!

So I just returned from my week long trip in Charleston on Monday. It was a great time and I was sad to leave but I really missed my family, house, and my sweet babies (Copper hasn't left my side since I've returned). 
Richard and I got a head start on the fun and stuck to a very not-so-strict schedule. I arrived Sunday and we made an awesome fort in the living room and watching 500 Days of Summer. Great movie, by the way. Monday I was lazy all day and took Parker on a super long walk and then after Richard got home from work, we filled up our bellies with lots and lots of crab legs at Reds! Tuesday was yucky outside so it was scary movie night - Paranormal Activity 2 (which wasn't as scary as I assumed it would be). Wednesday we had a picnic and took Parker with us, he loved it. Thursday we just stayed at the house and played lazy. Friday is when Ashley, Ryan, Scott and Christine joined us. And now I'll direct you to Christine's blog - she recapped the rest of the weekend beautifully! We had tons of fun & lots of laughs were shared. I still say the girls won Cranium, sorry boys - you losttttt.