Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Ten Things Tuesday

1. I'm beginning to have a slight obsession with nesting dolls. 

2. These prints are way too cute!!

3. Super easy tutorial on how to make a dress for only a few bucks.

4. This is on my crafty to-do list!

5. Meditation! - to help me fall asleep on restless nights. I really enjoy Bonnie Groessl's guided meditation, but something else may work better for you. It helps me clear my mind before dozing off. I honestly never thought meditation would work for me, but it's pretty amazing.

6. This is the only way I'd ever have a real deer head in my house.

7. I just love zinnias and just spring time, in general, with all the beautiful flowers

8. Sally Hansen Salon Effects. These are the ones I applied tonight & my review = awesome!

9. I seriously need a dream catcher. Someone buy me this so I can put it over my bed, please!

10. I've been admiring this type of wreath for a while. Sooooo tempted to make one, but I really think I would get tired of winding that yarn around it a million times.


  1. 11: http://www.bwaby.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/09/Choking-Baby.jpg

  2. you're evil, pirate. <3

    ash- no they're notttt. i love them!