Wednesday, September 28, 2011


I feel like I'm always waiting on something to go wrong in relationships, which ultimately prevents anything good from possibly happening. Can relationships or "love", so to speak, last forever? I believe it's possible to settle and just be okay with staying with one person forever, but are we really satisfied throughout that entire lifetime? Is that what love is? 
I really want to believe that the feeling that you get in a new relationship can last. I love that feeling. The excitement, the happiness, the love. I have that right now. That new feeling. I want it to last but as all past relationships have proven, it's probably not going to. Maybe this one is different. It sure feels like it. I've never been an optimist, but maybe I should throw in the towel and side with those guys this time. I'm still too fearful to allow myself to be so vulnerable to disappointment but maybe I'll give it a try and become vulnerable.
For right now, I'm happy with what I have. Hopefully that will never change and one day I'll look back at this with that light bulb above my head and wonder why I ever thought love couldn't last.

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  1. this reminds me of a couple that used to come in the store sometimes--The lady was like 80 and her husband was like mid 80's (seriously, she told me one time how old they were I just can't remember the exact numbers). He opened her doors for her and they held hands to and from the car and they still flirted with each other, "bickering" and laughing..i dunno if they hadn't been 80 and she hadn't told me they had been married like 60 some years I would've thought they'd just gotten married yesterday.
    When she told me how long they'd been married she told me the key was to make sure you keep each other laughing.
    I dunno, I loved it every time they were in the store--pretty inspiring to see that. I think what she meant by "keep each other laughing" was just both of them committing to get each other through the bad no matter what and savoring the good times together-- people making the conscious decision to love each other and make it last forever, you know?
    ...sorry I'm so long winded, lol. But in short--yeah, I've seen that it can happen and believe it can with all my heart. Not just them, but they're one of my favorite examples. :)