Friday, September 9, 2011

One Month

It's been a month since I've posted. Lots has happened since then.

I'm now 24 years old.
I have moved into my own apartment.
I started school at UNC-Charlotte.
I've learned that I'm going to be an "Aunt Bee".
I bought a new car.
I got a job.

and not necessarily in that order.

Okay. Maybe it's not a ton of new stuff, but it's been pretty eventful for me. I didn't have internet at my new place until about a week ago, so that's my big excuse for being absent. That and I've veered a bit away from the social networking - but I think I'm back. I've been obsessively pinning on Pinterest and just recently made a Facebook invite for a "Yarn Night" - which, by the way, you should attend! It'll be a good time to hang out and work on some yarn projects. I am really looking forward to this and hope at least a few people attend. I really need to learn more about knitting since I'm still a beginner and this will give me at least one night a week to focus on that. Bring a friend and join us - everyone is welcome!

I'm going to have to downgrade Ten Things Tuesday to Five on Friday. I've got a lot going on right now and it's a huge adjustment for me - so hang on tight - and Ten Things Tuesday may be back eventually when I'm not so overwhelmed.

I've got a few posts layed out for the next few days so check back soon! I've missed you, little blog world!


  1. may i reitterate how stoked I am about future yarn nights?! :D

    How're your classes going?

  2. I am only taking one class right now but I'm totally loving it. It's a womens studies class. I'll make a post going into more detail about all that soon :]

    and I'm glad you're excited about yarn nights!!