Monday, September 26, 2011

Seeking Motivation

I feel stuck. Unmotivated. I have no desire to further my education at this point. It's rather disappointing, even to myself really. I felt SO good when I got my associates degree. I had finally completed something. I reached a goal. That was and still is a great feeling. I keep holding on to that feeling in hopes that it will boost me to want to finish and get my bachelors degree. I really do not think I would be content with life if I stopped now. If I don't, I know I'd regret it later. So here I am, trying to convince myself to muster up some motivation. Any motivational words are appreciated!

Other than that, things are going good. I'm happy. I really can't believe it's already almost October!

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  1. This may not seem that helpful but its true- it may seem difficult, or even undesirable to keep going (through school) at this point but you have to make yourself keep going, keep moving and do not become stagnant! Once you stop even for a breather you lose your momentum and you may never get it back..depending on how motivated you become later. I really want to see you succeed and pull through, you can definitely do this.

  2. I agree with Ash.
    Just from my experience--I hated college. Mostly because all I did was work my ass off. There were several times my dad suggested I take a semester off but I knew that if I did I wouldn't ever go back. So though it might not be "motivating" i have to echo what Ashley said--Keep slugging through it, no matter what. The more you push yourself through the sooner it will be over. It might suck for the time being but you'll be glad you did it afterwards and the knowledge you build up and your options afterwards will be worth it.
    It might sound kind of blunt but I had to tell myself this a lot during school...and even now--don't stand in your own way. If you know you need to do this for yourself--do it at all costs.
    Hang in there B! <3