Monday, September 12, 2011

School Days

I had planned on dropping all of my classes for this semester. Actually, I did drop every class that I had signed up for. Then I was informed that if that was done, I would have to reapply for spring semester. Which meant that I would have to pay another application fee, go to another orientation, pay more fees, and possibly lose my financial aid and grants. That didn't seem very appealing to me so I opted to take just one class.

Perspectives on Motherhood is the class that I'm enrolled in. I am enjoying it so much that I am really considering changing my minor to Womens Studies. The class is so broad and so intriguing that I am more than happy to drive to UNC-Charlotte once a week for class. It's a ton of reading but the articles are great and the books are very informative. I love having ideas and thoughts presented from different perspectives and my professor does a phenomenal job of doing so.

I wish I felt like I could handle more classes right now, but it was really overwhelming for the first week. So many new things have come into my life that I think it's better that I wait until next semester to attack school at full force, which will happen.