Sunday, September 11, 2011


On my way to class in Charlotte on Friday I was listening to the radio and, of course, being so close to that day that no one will ever forget, I listened to many countless stories about 9/11. I found it compelling that even though our country declares this as the worst attack on our soil, and that everyone is still hurting by this event - we are still fighting with other countries. We are bringing the same heartache to other families in other lands. Wouldn't you think that once so many of our people felt this pain and heartache for themselves, we would become peaceful and find other ways to resolve issues? Why is killing necessary or even thought of? Why are we only reminded of this and become a united nation just a select few days a year? When will we find peace with our neighbors? Probably never. You think experience would change us, forever. History has proven that to be wrong. Sadly.

What are your thoughts on 9/11?