Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Ten Things Tuesday!

I've been so anxious to do this week's Ten Things Tuesday. So many cute things I've been wanting to share! Tuesday is half way over in Okinawa so this is getting posted a little early for you babes back in America! Enjoy!

1. How awesome is this little work of art?! Those little white rings, yeah...those are made from plastic bags!

2. This is a shirt the boyfriend keeps talking about. I think it's pretty awesome too. Go check out their Etsy shop for more animals riding bicycles!

3. With or without children... I will have something extremely similar to this in my backyard one day!

4. So I came across the Saturated Canary blog the other day and I'm in loveeee with her hair. I never knew synthetic dreads existed (yeah, they never mentioned this is cosmetology school..?!?) and now I'm itching to give it a try since I've wanted dreads for years. Isn't she gorgeous? Here's her post about her hair!

5. I discovered Polyvore the other day. You can go in and find soooo many items that are actually sold in stores and make your own cute little collage. Love it!


6. This would be so dreamy for my birthday party in August. I wish I could really make it look almost this adorable! Look forward to a Ten Things Tuesday, Birthday Party Edition next month!!!

7. I finally bought this shirt today. I've been eyeing it for a while, I think Mariko actually showed me the site (maybe?) a few months back. It's totally me and definitely reminds me of a few other sweet ladies too. Check out this Etsy for more adorable shirts! 

8. Oh, journals. I'll write on a few pages and then they'll get tucked away somewhere for me to pick up later and adore what was going on in my life at that time. & I'm a lover of fresh notebooks. A collector, you might say. This one won my heart. Find it here.

9. Honeycomb Print! Super adorable. I'll never have enough prints! 

10. Bezel set jewelry. I love the way these stones are set. All from Etsy, of course. You can find these here, here, and here.

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