Monday, June 27, 2011

Craft Brain

I feel like my creative side is about to explode! I haven't really made much of anything in the past few weeks and it's killing me. I have the strong urge to run to the store and buy tons of things to make. I made a few hair bows yesterday (picture in yesterday's post) but I've still got the craft craving. I even gave this little blog a face lift due to this itch.

Everyone like the new style?

How do you cure your craft cravings - other than going out and buying the whole craft store?


  1. I like the new style ! and my creative side has come up also! I was in Michaels & AC moore on friday finding stuff to do. I am currently in the process of changing my office so that I have more space for projects! But overall, I stick to a few things that will take more than an hour and that seems to help :)

  2. to help the itch on a budget.... keep a couple of things on hand... Spray paint, chalk board paint, and random dollar tree items. You could tape off a DT silver platter. Tape it off in a chevron pattern and spray paint, pull tape off and done! or just pray paint things for the heck of it. Im postive spray paint and chalkboard paint is my quick fix cure.

  3. my go-to creative itch projects are usually knitting or crochet. I always have a ton of yarn (and you can get it pretty cheap if you dont want special yarn if none is on hand) and it keeps me busy when i don't really know what i want to create, per se. Or you could make cards and send them to people