Sunday, June 5, 2011

Stop It, Now, Please

Stop, hold my tongue, think, think, think, breathe, process, then speak.

Why am I so quick to get angry just because I'm annoyed? I do it without thinking. I tell people to stop doing whatever it is that's bothering me without fear of hurting anyone's feelings, usually. I do it just because I want things to go my way. I've been like this since I can remember. Ask my family, they've dealt with me for that long.

I just enjoy quiet to be just that, quiet. No extra noises required. 

I really, honestly, want to not be so bothered by silly little things but I can't help it. It just eats me at the core and I can't fight it. I wish this would leave me.

Goal of the month: to not let the little things bother me.

and I have a feeling that the only way that goal will be reached is if I hibernate...


  1. It's about deciding what is worth it and not worth it. I get easily irritated at things too and I just have to take a deep breath and think - OK, is this really worth getting upset over? and move on. It's hard, but eventually it will get better :)

  2. That's really good avice from crystal. Everyone gets annoyed by little things from people, but you are in charge of your happiness. If you choose to dwell on it, then there goes the happiness. I struggle with this all the time, ..daily. it really is a good practice to calm your mind and decide how important it is, and will it really matter in a week? Feel better.

  3. You know you and I struggle with this equally, hah i feel like we've had many conversations about it. I feel like my ears are extra sensitive and any little noise is like..100 times more extreme than it is to everybody else.
    I usually put headphones on or have to put in earplugs (the wax ones for swimming work best and seriously block out EVERYTHING). It's mostly at home when I want to be watching a movie or doing something by myself that it gets to me so that's worked alright when it comes to me not being able to handle roommate noise. And the headphones work out in public. It's still noise but...noise that makes sense and isn't grating. At any rate--i know exactly how you feel, especially about wanting to NOT be that way.