Sunday, June 5, 2011

Free Crappy Portraits

So I discovered this website the other week and thought it was hilarious. You have to go check it out! 

Richard and I decided to send in this photo:

and he also sent along this silly description:

"this is a strip of pictures of me and my girlfriend, in a photobooth...with our clothes on (sorry). in the first two photos i have really cool sun glasses on (risky business cool) and she's obviously really excited about our kiss. in the 3rd photo, i'm looking at the robot god and she's attempting to inform it that we come in peace. in the last photo, our display of peace obviously worked and we're relieved."

and Richard got the email with our photo yesterday!!! I think our crappy photo is pretty awesome! They haven't posted it on the website yet but I expect to see it in the next few days.



  1. that's a real life depiction of my awesome neck muscles