Thursday, June 2, 2011

Missing Home

 I love these pillows from this Etsy shop.

They remind me of my room, that I miss so much. 

My apologies for not sharing photos of my room since redecorating the whole thing. I've not really been home for three weeks and I'm about to be away from home for two more weeks. I'm super bummed about being away from home so much, I miss my family & puppies. Copper was supposed to make the trip down to Charleston with me this week but he got sick at the last minute (hives!) and I had to leave him so that my mom could take him to the vet. Before this week, I was house/dog/cat sitting for two weeks and on Tuesday I head back to Okinawa for about two weeks. Hopefully I'll get to snap a few photos to share with you before I head to Japan.

Saturday = slip n slide & cookout at my house. If you wanna come, let me know!