Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Ten Things Tuesday on Wednesday, Etsy Edition!

All of the things you'll see below are from one of my favorite websites, Etsy! I'm a huge fan of buying handmade & I hope you are too. Enjoy!

1. super cute children's book

2. I neeeeeeed these for my room!!!

3. Awesome San Fran Print

4. I also need this for my room, in white, please!

5. and this

6. totally ready for dress weather!!!

7. can you guess? yeah, this chalkboard would be for my room as well. 

8. I've never had a macaroon and these make me want them in every color!

9. after regretting not buying a spoon ring when I saw them in the Charleston market, I'm definitely getting one next time!

10. who doesn't love a cute frenchie bath photo?