Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Self Improvement

I have been working on quite a few things to improve myself in the past couple of months. This month I have taken a few steps backwards and I currently need something to pick myself back up. Blogging about my goals may make me feel more obligated to stand by them, especially if my friends and family are aware of what I am trying to achieve and check in on me every so often. This list may be short and seem simple but these are things that I struggle with on a daily basis.

  • Follow (and write down) a daily schedule
  • Wake up by 9:30am and go to bed by 10pm
  • Cut back on naps
  • Accomplish one personal goal each day, no matter how little it may seem (walk the dogs, buy someone a gift, fill out a scholarship application, etc)

So if you've read this and you talk to me sometime in the near future, I'd love it if you'd ask how it's going or ask me what my personal goal of the day was to see if I'm keeping up with it.

Do you have any self improvement goals that you've been working on and would like to share? Leave a comment, I'd love to hear what you have to say.


  1. My most recent self-improvement endeavor is continuing to get in shape but specifically getting my arms in shape (my arms are the only part of my body that i absolutely hate). And of course arm workouts are the only ones I can't seem to ever it's gonna be work, for sure. And as soon as I go back to the doctor and get a clean bill of health from being so sick I'm going to start running or biking in between arm days.

    I think writing about your goals/sharing them is a great idea. Definitely seems like a good way to stick to them. ...Now you have to ask me if I'm sticking to mine too ;)

  2. Brianne! I miss calling your name out and more than anything I miss you and the boys. I hope that you are making the right efforts to meet your daily goals and improve on the things you feel need tending and also see the glorious things about you that others see on a daily basis. This is a great forum to keep you in check and for all of those that love you to have a chance to be nosy. I guess it is only fair that I list a few of my own personal goals: graduate from college THIS year; buy and learn to play a cello, go on an actual vacation, AND come to see you. I miss you and will pray for know how that seems to work in my favor when I do bahahahaah.