Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Road Trip

I've been on a little vacation/road trip since Thursday and have missed my little blog quite dearly. My trip took off Thursday morning when I headed down to Jacksonville (North Carolina).

Frodo rode along with me because I was taking him to do a trial run to see how well he would live with my dear friend Brittney. So far he is loving being the only child & is a great fit for Brittney. It's not that we wanted to get rid of Frodo, it's just that there are several dogs here at my parent's house and he craves so much attention. In addition to that, Brit just bought a house & wanted a dog. I saw it being the perfect match, so I made the offer since she's always loved Frodo. I would never allow him to go live with anyone I didn't trust and I'm pretty sure Brit is one of the only people I would ever let take him.

Okay, so on to the trip. I got to spend lots of time with the wonderful Stoll family. I got to see Kristen & Laura...two of the sweetest people I know. Met a few new people, which is always great. I wish I could've stayed longer but I'll be returning in a few weeks to make up for it. I stayed in Jax until Saturday morning. That morning I made my way down to Charleston, South Carolina, to see Richard. We wandered around downtown and ate lots of great food and went through the market a couple of times. It rained all weekend so we watched scary movies and old cartoons for a majority of the time. We took a trip down to the aquarium since Richard has never been (?!?) and it was quite fun. I love animals, especially sea life. My favorites are always the seahorses and the jelly fish. It was a great trip & I can't wait to go back. Monday afternoon I headed to Charlotte, as my last stop, to see Ashley and Ryan. My Mom & I made her some tiebacks for her curtains as well as a cute little plastic bag holder for her kitchen, which were both made out of some left over fabric she had given me, I was so excited to give them to her. I also always look forward my free therapy sessions with Ash and Ryan. Haha! I finally returned back to my parent's house this morning & caught up on some much needed sleep. I returned to a freshly painted room, which was super exciting (Thanks Mom & Dad!).

Be looking for a Ten Things Tuesday on Wednesday, since my eyes are getting too heavy to put that up tonight :]

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  1. Ryan said last night, our curtains look really nice now! Come back we miss u already