Friday, July 22, 2011

Wig Crazy

Yep. That's a wig, my friends! 
So I ordered my very first wig a few weeks ago. I got inspired by Kaelah over at Little Chief Honeybee - who looks amazing in every single wig she has (and her own hair, too, of course) and so I couldn't wait to get my hands on one. Since it was only about $20, I decided that it would be worth the chance of me never actually wearing it in public and bought one from this seller on Ebay.

it was really bright outside for both of these photos, excuse the awkward facial expressions!

 Here is the link to the actual wig you'll see me wearing in these pictures. Everyone that has seen it on, in person, has said it looks so real. I love wearing it already and I'm more inspired to get my real hair that long! I can't wait to get another one - what color/style would you suggest for my next purchase?

Jamie and I at Texas Road House for dinner

I will admit - when wearing it in public, I feel like everyone just knows it's a wig and is staring at me. I highly doubt that's really what's going on and my mind is just playing tricks on me... but it's definitely hard to get used to wearing it & wearing it proudly! I've forced myself to wear it out in public twice now and it's not been too awful but I'm sure I'm driving everyone crazy by constantly asking if it looks okay or if I need to fix something.
Overall, I'm loving it!
I hope this inspires one of you to take a chance and try something silly/crazy like this!


  1. Loving it!! It looks so pretty & natural!!

  2. I'm impressed--from the pics it looks like your real hair! :D should get a blonde one. haha just to see what it looks like ;)