Friday, July 29, 2011

Diy Chalkboard

I'm sure many of you have heard of chalkboard paint by now and probably thought of a million uses for it. I picked up these two boards from Ikea the other week when I was there for $3.99 each in the "as-is" section and thought they'd make cute, cheap, chalkboards! So I stopped by Lowes and picked up this chalkboard paint, which is a bit pricey...but it will last a long time since I only plan on using it for small projects. I would definitely suggest grabbing a can of this and making a few little chalkboard projects! The boards I made took two coats and need a few touch ups after taking off the painters tape - pretty quick and easy!

This is the back of the 1st board I made. 
You can pick up a picture hanger kit at Michaels or any hardware store.

The one below is the finished product for my parents kitchen, they wanted their chalkboard to hang vertically on the pantry door as a grocery list. 

Have you made anything using chalkboard paint? 
I'd love to hear other ideas for using it!

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  1. I have seen entire kitchen walls painted with it, they look awesome and it would be so fun to write what's for dinner up there. :0)