Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Ten Things Tuesday, The Letter R!

1. Red Velvet Shop. This website is so dreamy. 

2. Rabbits. Okay, they're really called Labbits - and you can find all different kinds on kidrobot.

3. Robot Candy Co. here in Charleston! Totally fun little store!

4. Rate My Professor. I'll definitely be using this again when choosing classes!

5. Rainbow Sandals. They've never failed me in my many years of owning them. Only downfall: they are usually the first shoe of choice for a dog to destroy. 

6. Red Flower Brooch from AVA Original on Etsy.

7. Raccoon Purse from Lovelia on Etsy. 

8. Recipes from AllRecipes.com- my go-to website for finding great recipes. Easy to use & you can make shopping lists from everything you add to your "recipe box", definitely comes in handy!

9. Royal Blue. I'm currently obsessed with this color. Somehow it's wiggled it's way into my list of favorite colors - which is normally cluttered with pastels. I thought this little headband was adorable.

10. This monogrammed letter R from Jen Skelley on Etsy. Check out her other prints too. I love the Rowhouses one, I believe it was in one of my previous Ten Things Tuesdays.