Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Ten Things Tuesday, Real Life Loves

1. Mio water enhancer - LOVE this stuff. You can find it in the drink mix isle!

2. Floating shelves. My dad installed these two in my room a few days ago. I love the sleek look.

3. Water for Elephants. The book, not so much the movie.

4. Something Borrowed. The movie! Hilarious & too adorable.

5. Something Blue. The book. Next on my reading list!

6. Paco. This dude makes me laugh all day long.

7. Crocheted Toms. I will be buying these as soon as they come out.

8. The fact that I'm a 49er now! Can't wait to start classes.

9. I just had to buy this!

10. I get to see this awesome, sweet, handsome dude on Friday!