Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Ten Things Tuesday!

Hey guys! You might notice that I've changed my comment system. I switched over because this new application will allow me to respond to you a bit easier! I really love getting comments, so please keep letting me know what you think! In my little world it's still Tuesday, so here is Ten Things Tuesday...enjoy! 

1. I just love this show, it's hilarious and I swear that Kat Dennings (who plays Max) and I are the same person.

2. I really want to try this for Paco, he's starting to get those rough little nose things since it's gotten cold out. 

3. I keep telling myself this about school!

4. This is cute and affordable!
via Etsy

5. This is on clearance on Oldnavy.com!
via OldNavy.com

6. I haven't bought a dress in a while & really need to start adding to my collection again. If only I had time to wear them.
via Forever21

7. I really really really want this necklace but Forever 21 doesn't sell it anymore. :[

8. Gotta love cute faces on objects. This made me smile. 

9. Seriously gotta give my sweet Madi credit for her amazingly cute "doodles", as she calls them - go get on this girl about selling her stuff, it's awesome! 

10. I'd love to add another Audrey Kawasaki print to my collection. 
via Audrey-Kawasaki.com