Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Recipe Adventures

I gathered up a few Pinterest recipes last week to try out. I thought that making full recipe sizes would be okay since I could just pack up leftovers and take them to school or work with me. I've never liked leftovers and will usually throw away food or give it away before I let it sit in my fridge - the only exception is pizza, I love some left over pizza! Here are the four recipes that I tried:

This is definitely not a healthy food choice but man, comfort food is the best. I really loved this fresh out of the over but when I took it to school and reheated, the doritos get kind of soggy but it was still yummy! Next time I'll use less cheese because mine was a bit too greasy. Overall I'd give this an A for it's quick and easy prep!
via Jam Hands

These were really yummy and quick to grab and go! Super tasty with ranch. They'd be better reheated by oven but all we have at school is a microwave. The mixture for these would be great to make taquitos with! Overall, I'd give these a B+!
via Sweet Pea's Kitchen

These are definitely delicious! A little more work goes into them than regular cheesecake but, man, it was totally worth it! Tip: let them cool all the way before cutting! Overall, these deserve an A for how yummy they are, but don't forget the caramel!
via The Girl Who Ate Everything

I ate sooooo much of this while living in Okinawa and loved it so I wanted to try making it at home. This recipe made for some awesome corn chowder and allowed me to have extra to freeze! I don't add bacon to me because I don't care for bacon (I know, I know, southern taboo!) much in my soup. This recipe deserves a B+, a hint more of flavor would probably make this an A!
via Smoky Mountain Cafe

So do any of you have any recent recipe adventures you'd like to share with us? I'd love to be linked up to some more new recipes that would be great for leftovers!