Saturday, November 26, 2011

Tattoo Lover

I've had this girl on my arm since I was 19 and we've had a love/hate relationship. Eventually, the hate just took over and I couldn't ever find the love for her anymore. I found myself covering her up anytime I'd go out in public to avoid anyone asking what it was or if they could see it. Or the famous question, "is that supposed to be you?" would irk me like no other. I wanted there to be something I loved there, something I was proud to show off. It's taken me five years to think of what I really wanted to cover her up and to find a great artist to do the work. I had a great tattoo guy back in Jacksonville but that's quite a drive for a tattoo when I live where I do. I finally came across Thomas Sigmon, who works here in Conover at Westside Tattoo. Most of you already know that I decided on a peacock to cover the girl. The feathers are going to do a great job of covering up the main part of her and even with the outline done, you can already hardly tell she was there before. I'm smitten. I love this peacock and can't wait to finish the rest of my arm and have one cohesive sleeve. The peacock wraps around my arm and covers up the sloth tattoo that I had on my wrist also, not because I didn't like it but because it wouldn't go with the rest of my arm when it was finished. I can't wait to get him colored in! So here ya go, before and after pics (sorry for the lack of clarity on the peacock, this picture was taken with my laptop camera):


  1. Wow!! Huge change, it looks great. I can't wait to see the finished product! :)