Thursday, October 13, 2011

Here & There

Okay, so it's official. I suck at blogging. Hah! I'm sorry to those few of you who actually read this but maybe...just maybe....I can start updating again. But no promises. I love my little blog world, but it's hard to find motivation or topics to write about most days.

Lately I've been:

-Working, been there for a little over 2 months now and things are still pretty good. I actually don't mind going to work

-Doing well with my one class at UNC-C and looking forward to next semester

-Wanting to get back into making things. I'm good at making stuff and would be successful if I would just stick with it!

-Spending lots of time with Gregory. I'm far beyond amazed at how much we like each other. I've not really talked about our relationship much via the internet world because I don't want to jinx it....or maybe it's so special that I want to be selfish and keep it all to myself..whatever it's working. That new feeling is still holding strong and I don't see it fading. That has always been a constant issue in my past relationships: loss of interest. Today, I can honestly say that I still find Gregory attractive and I want to see him more and more each day. I love spending time with him and I feel like I never stop laughing and smiling when we're together. Okay enough of that mushy stuff.

-Thinking about how in the world I managed to make it to be 24 years old. I certainly don't feel 24. I feel like I have so many things to do in the next few years.